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Posted on: March 23, 2000

i want to be a writer. i love to read, have ever since i can remember. it seems sometimes like all i ever did as a child was read. some of my favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter S. Beagle, Jean Rhys, Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver, Anne Lamott, SARK, W.B. Yeats, Shakespeare, Marina Tsvetaeva, Jeanette Winterson, Robin McKinley, Orson Scott Card, Alice Walker, and Edna St. Vincent Millay. ah yes. and more of course, but i can’t go on all night. mostly i write stories and such, but i do love to read poetry, and have been trying it more of late.

other than writing: i love stuffed animals. i love to sing — i currently sing in the Choir and the Women’s Chorus here at my school (10 hours a week) and i love it. i REALLY like singing “early music” (i.e. approx. Bach and earlier), and sang in my school’s Early Music vocal Ensemble until they stopped having it. (gripe gripe.) i also ADORE the harp — specifically folk/Celtic/lever harp. i won’t get going on that now, but sometime soon i will have an extensive entry on the harp and how much i love it.

other interests. i like to play floor hockey. i like to futz around on my computer. i am on far too many email lists and am kept busy reading them, including three about harps and one called CampSARK. for those who haven’t read SARK i highly reccomend her. she is lovely, colorful, and cheery.

i like to nap, i love feta cheese and olives and falafel (mmmm…), i like candles, playing with watercolors, hugging and generally having physical contact with people, folk dancing, corduroy, cats and dogs, live music, stringed instruments that resonate with open strings (like guitars and harps), all things Scottish, warm water to wash in, books, paper, pens, red Sour Patch kids, trees, slippers.

i don’t like dusting, sorting socks, cleaning my room, writing papers for philosophy, Coke or most things with caffeine in them, being lonely, hurrying.

i like listening to music, many different kinds, including classical, early, pop, alternative, and many other assorted things. like country (in moderation), or latino, or reggae, and Celtic, of course. i traveled in Ireland and the British Isles last summer. ahhh… that was good stuff. more on that later too. [editor’s note: THESE ARE KNOWN AS TEASERS.]


i just wrote a lovely entry and lost it putting in an incorrect html page name.


i talked a lot about children’s television, about how i like Sesame Street, am indifferent/skeptical of Mr. Rogers, and can’t stand Barney or the Teletubbies. (only in a more interesting fashion.) and how i think the guy from Blue’s Clues (Steve? i think) is really cool — he has just the right balance of earnestness and humor. (again, i was much more eloquent in that lost entry.)

i will however, still give you the cool quote that i intended to before. it is from the Neighborhood of MakeBelieve:

King Friday: I heard a story about a king who got inside a bubble, and I thought that would be a-mu-using.

Candyman Gregory: But King Friday, that story’s just pretend.

King Friday: So are we. So are we.

ain’t that great? meta-fantasy at 10 AM on PBS. i think it’s fabulous.

this entry brought to you by Orange&Cream LifeSavers, posty notes, and the bane of my existence which is philosophy paper #2. and the fact that i lost the other (better) entry.

[part of first entry from old diaryland journal, my first online journal/blog/thingie]


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