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Posted on: April 7, 2003

Listening to a song called Masterpiece, by Julie de Azevedo. On repeat. The baby is asleep and I need to go be productive, but…

How I love metaphor. Here is a questionnaire thingy that I shamelessly stole from someone, who got it from somebody else. Savor the insight.

If i were a stone, i would be… a flint.
If i were a tree, i would be… a quaking aspen.
If i were a bird, i would be… a woodpecker. A cactus wren.
If i were an insect, i would be… a periodical cicada.
If i were a shape, i would be… a spiral.
If i were a fruit, i would be… a mango.
If i were a flower, i would be… a daffodil.
If i were a kind of weather, i would be… a cool, sunny autumn morning.
If i were a time of day, i would be… siesta.
If i were a mythical creature, i would be… a firebird.
If i were a musical instrument, i would be… a folk harp or wooden whistle.
If i were an animal, i would be… a small cat. A hedgehog.
If i were a color, i would be… shimmery blue-purple.
If i were a fragrance, i would be… sandalwood.
If i were an herb, i would be… wild mint.
If i were an emotion, i would be… bittersweet joy.
If i were a state or feeling, i would be… wonder.
If i were a vegetable, i would be… a chickpea. Maybe a potato.
If i were a sound, i would be… a sigh.
If i were an element, i would be… helium. Oh, you meant which of the four? Water.
If i were a fossil, i would be… an ancient sand-dollar.
If i were anything in the world, i would be… a library.


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