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Posted on: March 24, 2005

I want to know who did the character drawings for the credits of Return of the King. (No doubt John Howe or Alan Lee, or both.) What I really want is for him/them to do a similar drawing of ME (because it’s all about me, right? right?), because that artwork is stunning. It’s accentuated, of course, by the characters, the actors, the fact that it’s The End of The Story; and not least by the lovely song underneath – “Into the West,” sung by Annie Lennox.

But the drawings – they knock my breath out. Of course they look like the actors, but even more, they capture the presence of the characters. Just so beautiful – luminous, they make me want to weep … so perfectly embodying the idea that if you look at something long enough and well enough, you see the beauty in it. So sympathetic, compassionate. It makes me ache….

EDITED TO ADD: Found some of these online,

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