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Posted on: November 15, 2005

So. Lots of people told me that Firefly rocks, that I should see it, etc. Ditto for the movie, Serenity. And I wanted to see both, preferably Firefly first, I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

So Saturday, my dear N pulled up the trailers for Serenity online, and we watched them. Hee hee. And he wanted to go see it immediately. However, in the interest of a peaceful movie-watching experience, one that would not include passing children from lap to lap every five minutes for two hours, not to mention avoiding reaver-esque nightmares for the three year old, we opted for March of the Penguins that evening instead. (Which was certainly a wise choice, given that even there, the leopard seals and attacking albatross or whatever gull-ish bird that was, both were disturbing enough for her. Not to mention the penguin sex! Ha ha, just kidding. It was very tasteful. Can you tell it was certainly filmed by the French? Not because it was tasteful, but because it was included at all.) Not a big problem as far as I was concerned, but then I’ve always loved animal documentary type things. Then afterwards we rented the first two (of four) discs of Firefly, went home, and watched the first three hours.

Wow. Then we went to bed, and I dreamed Firefly dreams all. night. long. Which was awesome, I might add. I love the costumes, the acting, and especially the fabulous writing and language. The blend of western/1800s and scifi. Oh, and the characters. I can’t even hardly go through and define all the “traditional” western genre roles, though I know they’re there, because the characters are so intensely strong and individual that, at least for now, I can barely think of them separate from their names, their… selves.

So, we arranged for some babysitting, and went on an actual DATE last night and saw Serenity. Which was wonderful and horrible, all at once. Fabulous, entertaining, suspenseful. But so emotionally intense I’m still reeling a bit. I suppose I won’t put any spoilers in, especially as I have not a lot constructive to say at this point, just general mourning. Maybe later if I think of something insightful I’ll post it, when I’m not still feeling elated and yet hit over the head. I’ll probably have to see it again. And I’m really hoping that N brings back the other two Firefly discs tonight, too, though I’ll probably have to confine the watching to one or two episodes tonight, hard though it will be.

It doesn’t feel like I only saw it for the first time three days ago. In fact, it feels more like it’s always been… here. Part of my mind and memory.

To finish I’ll post the fun quiz I found on several other sites. If you notice I have two three-way ties (I’m not sure how THAT works out exactly). Honestly, I’m really surprised that I didn’t come up as Kaylee, because of the “cuteness” factor, but I suppose I’m not that mechanically minded. I’m flattered to have tested as such a totally gorgeous (and of course cool) character, in spite of the profession. How exactly can you have equal parts Shepherd, Kaylee and River? A religious, cheery crazy? Well, maybe that does fit…. And: is it a good thing to be more Operative than Jayne?

You scored as Inara Serra. The Courtesan. You have a job that brings comfort to people and eases their burdens. It took years of training and dedication to perfect. So why do people keep calling you a whore? You tried to get away from those people, but something keeps bringing you back.

Capt. Mal Reynolds
Simon Tam
Inara Serra
Shepherd Derrial Book
Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee) Frye
River Tam
Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne
Zoe Alleyne Washburne
The Operative
Jayne Cobb

Which Serenity character are you?
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