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Posted on: February 23, 2006

I have added the craftlog as a link on the side, which only makes sense, as this blog has thus far been mostly crafty stuff, inspired by that nifty site in particular. (I haven’t even shown you the fabulous project I found there, and have made, even — namely my vegan fox stole! Patience, people, sheesh, who do you think I am?)

If you are wondering about yeti goodness, feast your eyes to the left — I am a Christmas tree ornament junkie, and was lucky enough to trade for this fabulous heavy felt ornament. It now hangs next to the computer (location of novel writing) with a quote next to it: “Never mind the yetis.” (Quote from Chris Baty of NaNoWriMo. Check it out.)

I adore the yeti. He is so disgruntled and adorable. He has a tag behind him that reads: Have an abominable holiday. (To read more about the making of the yeti, go here.)


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He looks super! Thanks for the trade.

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