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Posted on: July 5, 2006

hope 1

My second digital page ever… : ) Wanted to play with this photo, one of my favorites. The quote is from a digital challenge at Scrapbooker Online. I’m still just experimenting with this whole digital thing; I certainly can’t see it replacing paper for me. But: it is fast, there are some beautiful free products (and many for sale, quite inexpensive considering, but I’m not ready to go there yet), it could be GREAT for doing an album you know you’ll want lots of copies of (like for siblings, a family reunion, etc), and I find I can allow myself to do stuff just for fun, or as an artsy exercise, since I don’t worry about “waste.” (And, amusingly enough, it’s nice not to have to photograph or scan LOs to share online. Laziness, I know.) Interesting. Must learn more about using my PSE though….

Raspberry picks: Kim Liddiard, Digital Scrapbook Place
Photo corners: Refresh Kit, Scrap Girls
Scallop paper: Rhonna Farrer, freepea Kit Feb 05, 2peas


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Absolutely beautiful. I love this layout!

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