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(visual) July Roundup

Posted on: August 5, 2006

What is this roundup, you ask? And here are this month’s questions/tasks/etc.

Got this idea from the frankly brilliant and beautiful ScrapbookLady. May do it every month… maybe not always on the blog, but maybe so. This month though, it’s only going to be visual. I did more on the family blog… but not here, not today anyway.

July 2006 mosaic

If you use Flickr, or really even if you don’t, this is an awesome tool, courtesy of this site here. The Mosaic Maker. I will give you a hint: whatever order you put the photos in, that is the order they go on the mosaic; in my case, 1-4 left to right across the top row, then 5-8, and so on. Also: don’t hit back if you need to fuss with it! There is an “edit this mosaic” link at the bottom that I didn’t see the first couple times.


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