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Last Scrapper Standing #1 – “slice of life”

Posted on: August 9, 2006

Here’s my first entry for the Effer’s August contest. The requirement was to put a sizeable amount of journaling, all on a photo.


This quiz came from the Simple Scrapbooks Sept/Oct 2005 magazine.
Slice of LIfe, August 8th, 2005
Journaling reads:

Inside I feel like I’m: split into three stages, depending on the moment: child, adult, and parent. Child – somewhere in the 7-12 range, looking around with wonder, living stories in my head; Adult – growing independent, making my own choices and learning about the have-tos of everyday life, early 20s (I can’t possibly be this far out of college, can I?); Parent – in this I feel older, semi-knowledgeable, definitely learning through experience!, weighed down by the awesome responsibility for these two small people – lightened by love and the joy of watching them grow.

A goal I’m working on right now: Trying to balance my life and establish routines. Specifically with housekeeping, and other physical preparation type things, scheduling things, to allow better balance between order and creativity. So that everything runs more smoothly, and I can accomplish more.

Last books I read: Harry Potter 6, Reaching for Hope: LDS perspectives on depression

My current favorite song: “Accidentally in Love,” Counting Crows; “Come to Jesus,” Mindy Smith; “Magnum Mysterium,” Chanticleer

Something I’m saving up for right now: Nikon digital SLR camera

Someone I think about a lot: my friend Matte, due to have a baby in a week or two

Something I’m worried about: getting medical insurance; trying not to screw up my kids

What I wish for when I see a shooting star: Hope and happiness.

What my plans are for the rest of this day: Hopefully make it to both Fry’s (grocery store) and Walmart, survive the teething grouchiness and the toddler demands, write A’s monthly letter, NOT forget to set out the cloth diapers.

What I thought I’d be doing by this age: I definitely thought I would be finished with college, married, have a child or two. I probably thought I would have a house and be more financially settled than we are. I’m sure I thought I would already be a published author.
I didn’t know I’d be so obsessed with scrapbooking, that I’d be so interested in photography. I didn’t know I could love my husband and children this much.

alpha/letters: Shabby Princess, Serenity Kit
paper: scanned from a journal cover


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I love it! I took the time to read everything that you wrote. Interesting that you said “Something I’m worried about: getting medical insurance; trying not to screw up my kids” in the same sentence… but hey, if you get the medical insurance, you can screw up your kids all you want – they will get therapy through the insurance! hehehe…

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