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unit by unit type project …

Posted on: August 14, 2006

Since I worked on some this weekend, and then took photos of them, I figured I would post an example of what a Unit-by-Unit project (done in a regular photo album) might look like. See my last post for a little more detail on this, but it’s a gift album I’m doing for my grandparents. Here are most of the pages so far. (Put together in a nifty little mosaic maker found here.)

gp layout mosaic lg


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Nice job! I bet you feel great!!

Thanks for sharing your album! Great photos and a great album!

Great job, I am excited to get started, I have been away for a month, just getting started. This is great.I think this type of album is going to be great for me, I have so many pictures, it would take months, years to complete, never mind the cost. Doing some 12 x 12 but mostly the slip album. I was lucky to get an album that has 3 horizontal & 2 vertical, I think it will be perfect. The only thing I can’t do a 12 x 12 page, with the odd size pages, but still trying different things to make it work. Thanks for sharing.


[…] My grandparents came to visit us recently. In anticipation, I finished the last bits on their album that I’ve been working on for most of this year. (Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the rest of the pages, like a dork. Bah!) Part of the finishing was writing a letter for each of them to take out and read. I have in the past written a poem for them, particularly for my grandma, which meant a lot to her. (And, unexpectedly, I got some video of her reading it aloud. Wonderful.) […]

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