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mini album mania!

Posted on: August 20, 2006

binder ringsA friend of mine at church will be teaching a scrapbooking class to some teenage girls, and we were talking about mini album options, ones we’ve seen or tried. Here are some references (for her and for me) that I’ve found online. (A google search for “mini albums” will turn up lots more.) (BTW, these are those rings I was talking about for holding things together, L. They come in lots of sizes.)

origami albumThis is an interesting one, a sort of origami-ish one; it reminds me of the “fortune teller” things we used to make in grade school, y’know? Here’s a site with a link to a pdf with instructions on how to make one. Click on the link that mentions origami and a pdf by Donna Bobbie. And here is another, the same kind of book, with even more photos. And really, this one is a little complicated to envision, so the more pics the better. Here are some results from a search at 2peas (for “origami album”): examples one, two, three, and four. Definitely a book to use duplicate photos with, but a lot of potential for fun gifts… Also it seems to me it would be easy to alter the size of these books.

An envelope album, very very simple to make. Here is an article that talks about how to make them, and here and here are blog entries from a list acquaintance of mine with photos of a couple beautifully finished ones (slightly different design from the article, most of the difference being that you actually use the cards that came with the envelopes as pullouts for more photos).
envelope albumThis is a different type of envelope album, with a kit you can buy. I haven’t, and probably won’t, but the bottom of the page has some great ideas for what to use this (and other mini albums) for… (Also this is the tutorial for how to put together the kit, may give ideas on what or how to make something similar…)

This is a tremendous list of links for mini albums at Scrapability. Rocking.

File folder albums. (I love Scrapjazz.) And there’s even tag albums, or the classic paper bag album. And this one talks a little about making a mini-album all about yourself.

San Diego Museum of Art link to pdfs for making several kinds of minibooks.


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have you seen the albums made from paper lunch bags? these are neat too. by the way, i would like to find a “recipe” of sorts to scrapbook layouts, kinda like your paper pieced borders. i really love those but i see so many pages and would like to have some of them maped out all ready. can you help?

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