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“Spring Beauty” – diva challenge #17

Posted on: August 31, 2006

Scrappay Divas challenge #17: using a digital kit by the talented SarahB. This is the page I made (an 8×8 of one of my favorite photos…):


It uses Bookman Old Style font, Sarah’s Kit, and the purple ribbon and two flower tiles from the Spring Breeze kit by Shabby Princess.

You can’t tell really from this photo, but her dress is yellow gingham under the gauzy (I almost said vellum -LOL-) overlay, with purple ribbon edging and little embroidered purple flowers on the bodice….


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“the gauzy (I almost said vellum -LOL-) overlay” hehehe… too funny! It does look kind of like vellum, huh? Love the page and especially the picture of Nanda.

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