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SPC #6 – with kids

Posted on: September 12, 2006

Obligatory? Cliche? Ask me if I care.


It cannot be coincidence that all the best photos of me, my favorites, with my best smiles — the vast majority of them also include one (or both) of my children. When I want to give a Real Smile for a photo — I imagine I’m looking at them.

spc - awm

The long ago webpage we had for her, had the subtitle: Our Sweetness and Light.

spc - bam2

It is something of a miracle that I can even survive each day, faced with this cuteness. (Do you know he protects his big sister from oh so dreaded bugs? I could die.)


See more self portraits with someone here.

Love the Flickrtoys Mosaic Maker. Can you spot and guess the surprise? Stay tuned. (But no, I’m not pregnant….)


4 Responses to "SPC #6 – with kids"

Fantastic pictures!

Oh… and I just love the Flickr toys mosaic maker. It is at the very tippy top of my favorites. LOL!

Love all the pictures with the bright smiling faces. I think I smile the best when I am with my kids too!

Love the pictures! I guess I’m going to have to start a Flickr account now too. Oh the things you get me hooked on! LOL!

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