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Halloween fun and games

Posted on: October 27, 2006

First of all, happy birthday today to my baby brother. I don’t know that he reads this, but hey. Back in my sibling SPC entry I didn’t have any photos of him as a baby — but now my mom has sent me some (for my birthday last month, yay!), so here are a couple.

1991 easter

1992 march

He was due on Halloween, but came a couple days earlier (obviously). Happy sixteenth, boy!

Now, for you all to amuse yourselves this weekend, all seasonal-like (opening in new windows, and courtesy of my aunt and uncle):

Carve a pumpkin without all the mess.

Play Halloween Hangman. (Including words like eerie, troglodyte and ghastly.) Leave me a comment with your score! So far my highest has been 480.


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