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Jo Interview

Posted on: October 30, 2006

See J. K. Rowling on 60 Minutes, if you like. Nothing all that new and exciting, but amusing enough.

One thing I must comment on though — the whole “why J.K. not Joanne” thing. Ostensibly the publisher wanted it that way because (and you can watch it for yourself) they thought boys might be turned off by a female author.

Personally, I think that’s just plain silly. I was an avid reader as a child, but I barely registered authors until I was in 5th or 6th grade (don’t books just appear on library shelves? you mean someone makes them? they don’t just exist as ), and didn’t even think about WHO they were (including generder) until at least 8th (in spite of deciding I was going to be one). I will concede that not all but possibly a majority of boys would show a preference for books/movies/etc. that have males as the main characters (whereas it seems girls don’t care either way). BUT I really doubt that it extends to the author/maker, especially in younger boys.

And as she pointed out in the segment, she went on national television just a couple months after the book came out, so it’s not like it stayed a big secret or anything.

The publisher should just admit it: they wanted initials because of a certain other British fantasy writer who starts with a J. …


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