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NaNoWriMo 2006

Posted on: November 2, 2006

So… you may have noticed the little icon over there, under the NaBloPoMo one. Yeah, I’m crazy, it’s pretty much indisputable. (But such a nice crazy!)

I’m starting off right away by breaking the rules: I’m going to use some things I’ve already written. Actually, I think it’s a good rule generally, to start fresh with something you’re not invested in, so you won’t feel as much pressure to “make it good.” But I’m going to continue with the one I started (and did not finish) for last year’s NaNo so I think it’ll be alright, as far as that goes. The benefit, for me, is being a little ahead in word count already, plus not taxing my poor dessicated brain into coming up with another entirely new story.

The working title of my NaNovel is Griffin, it’s a desert city fantasy story. Or at least it was, but I’m considering going back to my original concept for it, which is more of an urban fantasy. In which case I’d basically be starting from scratch… oh dear. I’ll be deciding today — I finally figured out what I need to KNOW, and therefore brainstorm, and then outline before really buckling in.

The whole beginning that I have is a huge mess, structurally speaking. But I’ve decided I really have to just press on and not worry about fixing it at this point. I’m not going to post the novel here. But in the next couple days I may put up part of the first chapter as a fun tidbit. We’ll see. I’m really not worried about running short on things to blog about. The real trick is getting the time to sit down at the computer without small people crawling all over me….

Anyway, I decided after the work I did last year on NaNo that I really REALLY need to give outlining a try. If you want to do the same, here’s a useful link for a novel outline in 30 minutes. Also an entertaining post on the dilemma of wanting to write, and yet not.

And, apropos of nothing (except possibly creativity) here is The 1000 Blank White Card Game. I TOTALLY wish I had heard of this in college.


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Thanks for the outline link. I’m not big on outlining. In fact, it pains me, which is odd because I love organization.

Good luck with your novel 🙂

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