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Posted on: November 9, 2006

I found this meme a very long time ago, back in my Diaryland days. The way it works: take your first name, and google: “yourname is” Then pick out some amusing ones and share. I am replacing my actual name with my blog one, but these were all things that came up under my real name.

It seems, surprisingly, many animals have my name:

Falwyn is chewing her kongs to bits!
Falwyn is an 18-month-old, female, Chow-Shepherd mix. Falwyn is a real sweetheart, who’s also a bundle of energy.
Falwyn is a 6 year old Cockapoo. … Falwyn is a proud Member of the Cool Mutts Club.
Falwyn is a small, black cat.
Falwyn is my young California Kingsnake

My life is also full of drama!

Scintillating Falwyn is a successful PR exec who knows what she wants – and much of the time she gets it.
Falwyn is due to meet with Spielberg next week to discuss her role in ‘The Time Machine’.
Falwyn is haunted by the absence of her father
Falwyn is inevitably drawn into Sonny’s tangled web of deceit.
Falwyn is also feeling abandoned
Falwyn is a young woman in her late teens who has suffered from schizophrenia
Falwyn is now a big star of stage and screen
Falwyn is just using him
Falwyn is a nine-year-old orphan in 1904
Falwyn is fast and devil-may-care, treating men like toys and leaving a trail of broken hearts in her path
Falwyn is running away from her heart, and sex is the only vehicle she has to get close without getting hurt.
Falwyn is a witch
Falwyn is one sophisticated lady.
Falwyn is also hounded by the menacing Tony T,
Falwyn is not at all what I expected from a character who dresses as the tooth fairy.
You may think Falwyn is a “Johnny come lately” when it comes to bodybuilding, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A multi-careered woman:

Falwyn is a Certified Doula
Falwyn is fully Coast Guard certified.
Falwyn is a schoolteacher lost in the netherworld of her late 20’s — no longer young but not yet middle aged.

A bit OCD?

Falwyn is unusually obsessed with Martha Stewart
Falwyn is so perfect and perky, she makes Katie Couric look like a manic depressive.
Falwyn is very clear on what is and isn’t for her.
Falwyn is the sort of person who files away even personal correspondence in labeled folders.

I am also contradictory:

Falwyn Is A Cool Space Star Explorer!
Falwyn is Earthbound

Falwyn is the best! Falwyn is a rarity in a world where many claim to be experts, but few are.
Falwyn is some ditzy, talentless airhead with no socially redeeming value

And oh so mysterious:

Falwyn is never really completely exposed
Falwyn is probably dead
Falwyn is an enigma.
Falwyn is Falwyn

And finally:

Falwyn: 100% Yum!
Falwyn is the least known pop tart
Falwyn is completely sewn, stuffed and beaded by hand.
Falwyn is loved by a large family who look after one another.
Falwyn is, has always been, and probably will always be the top monkey here at Jungle Friends!


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