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a rhyming GENIUS

Posted on: November 11, 2006

This video (and song) are brilliant in so many ways. But the best part? is Donny Osmond dancing. Anyone so unafraid of making a fool of themselves is AWESOME. (If it won’t work, try reloading the page….)

Wow, bringing back the memories….

I was introduced to Weird Al by a neighbor who lived downstairs from us. I was about nine or so. The album: EVEN WORSE. Favorite songs on it: Fat, The Good Ol’ Days, The White Stuff, Alimony, I Think I’m a Clone Now, Lasagna, This Song Is Just Six Words Long, Melanie. My brother and I delighted in these, even though we didn’t actually know any of the songs he was spoofing (okay, maybe a very passing familiarity, but for most of my childhood, and teen years for that matter, I was pretty out of the pop culture loop). Ah, the more things change, the more they stay the same. (DUDE, this post, at Kerflop, could almost have been written by me, right down to the N.K.O.T.B. and the Afterglow tape. I’ll have to address the topic again at a later date.) Later we watched and loved UHF as well.

But really, any way you slice it, the man is a lyric genius. If you search around on YouTube you can find many fabulous examples: Bought it on eBay (homemade video, but real song), Amish Paradise, The Saga Begins (no doubt it’s wrong, but I think he’s hot in that last one…).

[A note of caution: Weird Al himself has made the point that there are a lot of knock off songs, somewhat in his style, purporting to be by him, that are not, actually. Some of these unauthorized ripoffs are rather dirty. Just be forewarned.]


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Two items:
First, I’m so glad you linked this video here because now I know where to find it quickly. I’ve watched it here at least half-a-dozen times since you’ve posted it.

Second, you know that mathematical formula behind Al and Donny? People have already set the net ablaze arguing that it has a typo in it. Nerdy to the extreme, but he sure does know his audience…

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