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well-constructed days

Posted on: November 12, 2006

Recently read Julia Cameron’s memoir, floor sample. I’ve been reading her creativity books for years — The Artist’s Way, Vein of Gold, The Right to Write, more recently, The Sound of Paper. I like memoirs, and it was certainly interesting. Here’s my favorite quote from it. (As background, she was talking about her life in early addiction recovery, trying a new concept both of work – writing 3 pages a day, and no more – and of spirituality – praying for guidance throughout the day, and feeling very simple urges in response, to take her daughter to the zoo, for example….)

…These were homely, doable things, and I began to get the revolutionary idea that life was made not by thinking but by doing. By my actions I could craft a life. This was news to me. I had somehow felt that life was a mental construction. Now I was learning that life came out of living, that well-constructed days yielded well-constructed and fruitful periods.

Hmm… news to me, too.


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