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SPC #11 – winged

Posted on: November 14, 2006

November Self Portrait Challenge — Glam. (Go there for some really fabulous shots this month, including this, this, and this from this week.)

First I felt like I didn’t understand the theme (it’s true, I’m still rather pop music illiterate)… then I felt like it was about the furthest thing from my current life. Or possibly my life ever. Glamorous has never been an adjective I would associate with myself.

But, I’m giving it a try. I attempted a bit of symbolism this time around — apply it as you will.

111406_042 copy2

111406_047 copy

My comments: yay, Halloween costumes 50% off. I put more staging effort into this one than I ever have so far. I wish I’d closed my eyes for the first one. I’ve also decided that I really must have a tripod and a remote thingie (detonator? that can’t be right…); it would make these things a lot easier, though I do appreciate my 4 year old helping me. And for those who’ve asked: to get the spot color, I used this technique here on it, plus a little diffuse glow filter, and playing with the layer opacity.


4 Responses to "SPC #11 – winged"

Love the wings! I looked for some today, but all were gone at the store. I too wish I had some sort of tripod and knew how to use my timer. I usually just ask my 4 year old son to help me.

Love the strength of colour against the white.

Love the pictures! How did you get the contrast between the color and the white? I particularly like the lower picture with your eyes closed.

Also, since you don’t have a tripod and a remote, how do you take your own pictures?

Great pictures Sam!!

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