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since he doesn’t have a phone, this is how we talk…

Posted on: November 15, 2006

In the style of some old Smartypants (except WAY longer cuz I just. can’t. shut. up.), some bits of chats with my brother, one of the funniest people I know. NS is me, CCR is him…

N S says: but i don’t know if we can afford to move at the moment

CCR says: Just write a best seller

CCR says: then give me the money

CCR says: and you can borrow money from me

N S says: how generous of you

CCR says: I’m the epitomy of generosity

N S says: epitome

CCR says: I’m that big muppet in the Christmas carol

CCR says: nope

CCR says: I spells it like I likes it

N S says: generosity personified

His girl troubles:

CCR says: But no, while our dorms are very close, she’s in a different group
CCR says: Which sucks.
N S says: oh no, i thought you were sposed to be the same group
CCR says: But maybe that will give me the option to explore other chicas as well. Yes we were supposed to be but they gave her a different one
N S says: aha. i see. well, other chicas is not bad either. one never knows.
CCR says: Dirty communists.
CCR says: Not the other chicas. The they in question.
N S says: hee hee
N S says: communist chicas
CCR says: That sounds kind of hot.
CCR says: In a messed up sense.
N S says: yeah, they’d wear dungarees or something and be all passionate
N S says: but about the party, which would be unfortunate.
N S says: communist chicas know how to Party.
N S says: i’m SO FUNNY
CCR says: Indeed you are.

On Star Wars:

N S says: hey there you. sorry… TOO BUSY TO TALK TO YOU before

CCR says: a likely story


N S says: heh heh

CCR says: the new uncut originals edition?

N S says: YEAH

CCR says: I hate you passionately

N S says: I’m sorry to hear that

CCR says: But it is overcome by my love for starwars

N S says: so i must take it that you don’t have them yet

CCR says: Well I have the pirated edition. that I bought the week before they announced them

N S says: REALLY? ugh

CCR says: yeah

CCR says: I hate lucas

N S says: that’s a pain

N S says: YEAH. he sucks

CCR says: he released an announcement saying he’d never release the old ones

CCR says: but I knew he was lying

CCR says: and i fell for it anyway

N S says: never fall for it, man!

N S says: i’m sure he was cooler back before he became a god

CCR says: true true

CCR says: did you watch all three tonight?

N S says: no

N S says: we are wusses

CCR says: pansies

N S says: i know

CCR says: I still have to do a triple LOTR threat

CCR says: expanded editions

CCR says: oh yeah

CCR says: till my eyeballs bleed

N S says: what is that, like 12 hours

N S says: hee hee

CCR says: yep

N S says: bleeding eyeballs

CCR says: well it helps if you don’t inject heroine into them on a regular basis.

CCR says: but yeah

N S says: yeah.

CCR says: that’s a running gag of mine

CCR says: injecting heroine into the eyeballs

CCR says: It never gets old.

N S says: drug jokes never do

On Miyazaki:

N S says: we are totally getting My Neighbor Totoro. and Kiki.

CCR says: I love TOTORO!

CCR says: it’s a cat bus!

N S says: with eight legs!!!

CCR says: It’s got fuzzy cat seats!

N S says: 12?

CCR says: lots

N S says: and glowing headlight eyes

N S says: and that CREEPY head on smile.

N S says: from the side it’s not nearly as disturbing

N S says: Pandagirl loves it. I think she drew a cat bus… maybe i’m hallucinating again though

N S says: she has been drawing these great lions that TOTALLY look like amigurumi or some other anime type thing

CCR says: throughout the whole movie I think totoro is going to eat her

N S says: hee hee

CCR says: (not the bus the big fuzzy guy)

N S says: right

CCR says: with huge teeth

N S says: always roaring

CCR says: it’s awsome

CCR says: and sleepy

N S says: and steals their dad’s umbrella. how did they explain that?

N S says: but then again, he’s totally cool and understanding

CCR says: It’s above our law

N S says: it paid them in acorns, what more do you want?

CCR says: Amen to that

And finally:

N S says: (“while I’m wishing, I’d like a pony”)

N S says: (where’s it from?)

CCR says: oh

CCR says: oooooohh

CCR says: I know lisa simpson wanted a pony at one point

CCR says: but thats not it

N S says: (nope, that’s not it)

N S says: (so did you get it yet?)

N S says: (I’m very disappointed in you)

CCR says: It’s really killin me

CCR says: killing

CCR says: I don’t use abbreviations

CCR says: they are low class

N S says: lol

N S says: like that?

CCR says: Oh yes

CCR says: I scoff at them

N S says: you type it out

CCR says: they besmirk my face with scowls.

N S says: laugh out loud

N S says: “I am currently laughing out loud.”

CCR says: rolling on the floor laughing

N S says: “or at least giggling to myself.”

CCR says: The waves of laughter engulf my jovial rotund midsection.

N S says: “I am struggling to breathe and control my bowel functions”

CCR says: As it circumambulates about on the terrace.

CCR says: Is it from something cartoony and comic booky?

CCR says: dang it

CCR says: she or he is like I’ll go do this

CCR says: that’s what I’ll do

CCR says: It’s Calvin and Hobbes isn’t it?

CCR says: He’s going to get the truck back

N S says: ding ding ding!

CCR says: but he can’t.

CCR says: So he wants a pony

N S says: actually, i think maybe susie says it… but i’m not sure

N S says: books we need to buy

CCR says: haha

CCR says: that book is huge

CCR says: I want it

N S says: i know … me too.

CCR says: in the worst most sensual way you could ever want a book.

CCR says: ever

N S says: you want to lick it

CCR says: I want it to lick me

N S says: lol

CCR says: yeah that’s disturbing

CCR says: I just want to touch it and read it and turn its pages

N S says: it’s on our family amazon wishlist but no one has yet taken the hint

CCR says: jerks

CCR says: yeah I never read that thing

CCR says: my gifts will always be totally random things that I want myself.

N S says: you never read the blog, or the wishlist?

CCR says: I look at the blog’s peektures

CCR says: the wishlist

N S says: because if it’s blog i may throttle you through the computer

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so glad you guys have such a great time together! how fun! 🙂

We LOVE Totoro! We bought it on VHS many moons ago when it first came out. It’s the best of any anime I’ve come accross – and with 4 kids who love anime, I’ve come accross plenty. (plenty = too much! lol)

My siblings, parents and I chat online too. Much better than paying for long distance phone calls! You and your brother “sound” kind of like me and my brother who lives in CA. We enjoy being silly too.

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