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not-so-blank white cards

Posted on: November 27, 2006

Remember back when I mentioned we played the Blank White Card Game? The last step in the game is to pick out some of your favorites and keep them for your future stockpile of cards. I am far too indiscriminant, and it’s hard for me to throw any of them out. However, here are a few favorites. Enjoy.


Here we have Brak and Ask a Ninja references, one to the fabulous board game Survive, and most of the series of “I Win” cards.


Here were some of the more unusual cards (The Machine that Goes Ping, and the Vacuum card). The baby polar bear card is a Lost/Lost message board reference. (Hm, geeky much?) And the “here and here and here” is the only one posted today by my little sis-in-law (aka lsil, though she had several other good ones): it’s from Over the Hedge.


The lsil and I both did variations on “killed by cuteness.” My favorite, even if I did draw it, is “YOU DANCE LIKE DONNY OSMOND.”


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You are so “White & Nerdy”!!!!


These cards are great!

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