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Posted on: November 28, 2006

Back to my crafty roots, or inspiration, whatever: I’ve been making lots of hats for a service project at church. Using the round Knifty Knitters, because they’re just so flippin’ easy. And quick: I can do a baby/child size hat (blue or red loom) in about an hour, maybe less. They’re definitely bulky gauge – if you use worsted weight yarn you’ll need to use two strands together. But easy, and there are a couple choices you can do for the brim, including the usual cuff-type that comes in the instructions with the looms, or others like a bulky braid. Found here: Bev’s Country Cottage, newborn loomed hats. (Such a fabulous site for all things yarn-ish. Here are more loom things there.) The nice thing about a non-cuffed brim is that, because it’s looser, the hat is more versatile sizewise – good when you’re making them for people not present (and particularly in the smallest size – it’s really more a newborn sized hat than baby size…).

Anyway, after making a dozen or more hats for others, I decided I should make a couple for my kids. I got some Patons Melody yarn on sale, and made two, both with the red loom, one my daughter’s favorite colors (black and white, and pink if you insist), and one bright and cheery, with red, cuz my boy looks so awesome in red. I think I’ll be making matching scarves too…






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These hats are awesome!!!

I am so itching to make me some hats. I just need to find the time. Today, I was looking at the hats in Target and just thinking that I could make my own ~ but so far, I just keep putting it off.

I am completely in love with the trim and puffball on the white hat.

I am tactically retarded, so I can only look at stuff like this and envy you people with talent!!!

Your son is an original gangsta’.

Nice! I “StumbleUpon”ed your site 😀
I love it! I love the hats, they’re so cute. I was looking at the picture thinking, ‘those look loom knit’ and then you said “red loom”. Awesome!!!

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