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Posted on: December 2, 2006

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To Santa or not to Santa, that is the question. (Can I get enough Kerflop in my posts? no, it seems I cannot, thanks for asking…)

I’m looking over Simplify Your Christmas, by Elaine St. James. Have I mentioned that I love my local library? Oh how I love my local library. I also have a couple of others on hold which should be arriving soon. I do want a simple, meaningful Christmas.

Here’s the thing: it’s all very well to talk about simplifying the holidays, and I do support it. However – that sort of assumes that you were doing something to begin with; a kind of presupposition of previous industriousness and competence, which eventually expanded into too much, thus the need to simplify. Which is quite the assumption when it comes to me. At this point in my life, and this year in particular, I feel like I’m finally, barely, on the ball enough to do a few things, feel like I’m not completely off balance. Our Christmas decor is up (thanks to my husband, who put it all up last night, except the ornaments on the tree, which he knows I love). I got an advent calendar in time for the first of December. I have plans for baking, even. At the moment, while I don’t want to get too carried away with stuff, I do want to enjoy the (extremely rare) feeling of accomplishment.


And a brief, slightly related comment: So I thought, how cool would it be to get a top for the kids? Like a spinning one, y’know? Because evidently I have to specify – a search for “top” on Toysrus.com resulted in 20 hits of laptops or other such computer-ish things. “Spinning top” brought up only one: a tennis video game (“TopSpin” or something). Evidently I am living in some alternate reality because I want a top and not a laptop. (Not that I’m a total luddite – I did after all get a little digital camera for my daughter.) Must I scour garage sales for something like this? Or perhaps I will just order one here.

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