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Posted on: December 12, 2006

Of course, my third child is my main Christmas gift this year. However, I got some lovely vouchers-for-money-off-next-purchase-type-things in the mail shortly after getting my camera, and you can’t just let them EXPIRE, can you? Of course not. So I went and got a tripod for a ridiculously low price.remote005And, to go with it, a wireless shutter remote from Amazon. I was picturing something more like a TV remote, y’know? But look at it – it’s so tiny! So cute! So easy to lose! Good thing there’s a handy pocket just the right size for it on the outside of my camera bag. But still, I’m considering wrapping it in neon tape… I played with it some last night – lots of fun. You push the button! And it takes a photo! Dude!

A Cautionary Tale

Since we’re on the subject of things techie… Background: we recently got an external hard drive to hold our photos and digital video, since they were really clogging up our main disk. Moved it over and got the PSE catalog all straightened out. But backing it all up is still a problem: even the backup is 75 gigs (an unwieldy number of dvds), and I didn’t want it all on the one (external) disk. So I made a backup onto the regular hard drive. Sunday evening I was doing some computer maintenance things, defragmentation, etc. That’s when I realized how big the PSE backup file (includes the backup of all the video as well) really is. I decided to delete it, and make another copy elsewhere soon. (This probably means we’ll need another hard drive, just for backups. Sigh.)

Normally when upload photos I take the memory card out and put it in the card reader on the computer. That evening it was giving me trouble, so I dug out my cable and hooked the whole camera up to the USB port. Then I discovered that the K: drive (new external hard drive) wasn’t letting me write to it. AND WASN’T SHOWING ANY FILES ON IT. As in, all our video and photos. I last did a backup onto dvd at the end of August, of pictures only, so not a single one from my new camera. And, if you recall, I had JUST DELETED the newest backup. Drive K: showed only three empty folders (though it still read as having 100 gigs of space on it used).

Naturally, I just about lost my mind. I slammed into the bedroom where my husband was already in bed; he thought the sky must have fallen since I was totally disregarding the Sleeping Children Factor.  Turns out he has a program installed that can recover deleted files, even ones that have been emptied from the recycle bin (or in the case of the backup, were never put there at all because they’re so freaking huge). So first we recovered the backup, just in case. Then I restarted the computer.

The files showed as being there upon restart, but then disappeared again. Eventually I figured out that (I think) it was having the camera plugged in that was causing the computer not to be able to read drive K.  Whatever crazed system it uses to decide what letter is assigned to each drive/port/whatever is definitely confused, and thinks that both of them are K, and therefore doesn’t read the hard drive when the camera is plugged in. (It doesn’t give me this problem when I use the little flash drive in the same port, though. Hmph.) We’ll see what we can do to fix it, but meanwhile? Vast relief.

The moral of the story? BACK UP. Go do it. Right now. Please do not wait. My story has a relatively easy, happy ending, but so many don’t, and let me tell you, you don’t want to face the horror. (Particularly and have it turn out to be more than just horror.)

I’ve solved part of my problem by taking all the video out of my regular PSE catalog and putting it into its own (since I don’t do a lot with it I don’t need to back it up as often, whereas the photos are constantly changing), which helps a little with the vast file size issue. I’m also jumping back in with both feet to uploading to Winkflash — I have all my photos on there up till September and the new camera, then I was temporarily stymied by the new profusion of photos and how to organize them in a workable way, and am way behind. No more!


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I think the new baby is cute. Who does it take after? You or your DH? 😉

I hear ya on the backup!!! I am so glad you were able to recover your files.

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