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“and while I’m dreaming, I’d like a pony”

Posted on: December 19, 2006

{If you can tell me where the quote’s from, you get a cookie!} In order to get it all out, maybe even be able to focus on goals (!), here is my letter for Santa this year.

Dear Santa –

Here I should probably insert the obligatory blah blah, about how I’ve been good this year, therefore deserving, and so on and so forth. But you’re the one with the godlike omniscience. Awake, asleep, all that, you voyeur, you. So we’ll skip it, that way I don’t have to come up with anything self-deprecating. We’re both busy people, so let’s cut to the chase. Here are my Christmas wishes, likely and un.


Photography {Okay, I’ve already got my camera, what more can I want? Really, I’m quite content, extremely grateful, and I love it like life itself – but there’s always accessories. : )}


  • Unlikely: This is fairly frivolous, but I’ve been doing a lot of my stuff on the computer lately and a laptop would be awfully nice. But then you’d have to bring one for my husband too.
  • More likely: A few more hours in the day? Or maybe just some self-discipline…. And how about a couple extra notebooks? I want to try hard-bound for my numbered notebooks.


Seizing the day, finishing three things I’ve been procrastinating everyday, a job with benefits for N, determination, courage, compassion, more engagement with my real life. Hope.

Good luck with the deliveries this year, n’all.

Love, Me


4 Responses to "“and while I’m dreaming, I’d like a pony”"

Ohhhhhhhhh, those books on photography look cool. I’m still experimenting with my new camera. And as far as the Quickutz fonts… I love the Marissa and Calvin but seems how Santa already gave me my Christmas gift early (the camera) I guess I’m just going to have to wait on those.

Good luck with your wish list! 😉

I love the quote. What is it from, praytell?

My photo friend, Bridgy is going to give me photography lessons in exchange for voice lessons. I can’t wait.

The post title quote is from Calvin & Hobbes – I do believe it’s Susie Derkins who says it.

I’m experimenting myself with the wonderful world of bartering lately — it’s an exciting thought. I wonder if I know any photographers…

Hah! I knew it was Susie that said it. I don’t care what cookie I win as long as it either has chocolate or Macadamia nuts in it.

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