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randomness, part 26

Posted on: January 15, 2007

Reading this post has made me laugh. And made me hungry. The granola, it has you. (And can I just say, Finslippy gets the funniest comments, too. “I, for one, welcome our new granola overlords.”) If you want an alternate recipe, or maybe you just have a grudge against the New York Times online because of one or ten too many broken links –what if I don’t WANT to sign in, huh, huh? what then???– you can always try this recipe over at Owlhaven.

There has been a fair amount of randomness going on in my notebook of late (#31 — ooo! ahhh!). I will now inflict some of it upon you.

  • Why do I always draw before and after diagrams in here whenever we rearrange a room?
  • 1/3 – No voice all day long today. Interesting, trying to deal with children in a whisper all day.
  • 1/4 – Visit to the zoo. The giraffes were attempting to get it on, in a very dutiful seeming way. My friend’s daughter said: “Mom! They’re frozen!” N and I and another passing mom of small children had a moment of shared amusement over that.
  • Know what I’m pleased as punch about? The fact that we didn’t have to buy any new containers for the kids’ toys, etc. And it’s so easy to clean in their room now. Yay! I’m just so happy, and proud, because I resisted the repeated impulse to buy more. Double yay!
  • Did you know that a fetus starts developing fingerprints at 11 weeks?
  • Where to put the Halls? Wouldn’t want the kids to get ahold of them, eat them like the candy they so strongly resemble and get menthol poisoning or something.
  • Reaching into the dryer – sometimes the clothes are so hot that they feel wet. Confusion of the senses.

That is all.


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This made me laugh. I read Finslippy’s post too, and almost shared the link to my recipe there, but decided it would just be blatant self-promotion….that, and I was too tired to go look up the recipe.

So. Thanks!

Mary, mom to many

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