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Posted on: January 20, 2007

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Because I need more things to spend my time on…

Supergirl and Blue playing baseball, originally uploaded by falwyn.

So — I made something with my sewing machine (something not a scrapbook page, even): flannel pillowcases and sheets for my kids. My girl was so excited to have a Supergirl pillow (and even more excited that I’m going to be making her some pajama pants soon from the same fabric). Her bottom sheet is light pink. With elastic even!

Me and sewing: I’ve done what might even be considered a fair bit (making doll clothes when I was little; a quilt with my grandmother at 16, worked on costuming for a musical in college, made some rennaisance clothes for me and friends, even a bridesmaid dress myself) but it’s all been rather far between sessions and I tend to underestimate my experience. Working on my new machine (a Kenmore) I found, unexpectedly, that I consistently reached for the lever to lift the presser foot in the wrong spot. I wouldn’t have thought that I’d done enough sewing to have a habitual spot in my mind… funny.

It’s awfully fun though, this sewing thing. Maybe if I made my own clothes I would like them more…. I’ll have to give it a try.


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