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Posted on: January 22, 2007

Remarkable. Like the 30 Days of Nothing project last September, it captures the attention. I understand that she made the video herself. (Maybe with some donated help? Anyway.) (Oh, and also? I love how it doesn’t take hundreds of dollars in wardrobe and makeup to see, hey, she’s pretty. Duh.)

Tonia (formerly of Intent), the instigator of the project, saved $1000 during that one month to donate. Imagine if we all did it. Take just my church, locally: our stake – 150 families x 10 wards (congregations) x each saving $1000. Or $500. Or $300. Not only could we get ourselves out of debt, but think of the good we could do. Together. I think the togetherness part is important, feeling that you’re doing it in company. Knowing that the large amount, together, makes a large difference.

One month of less (since, as Mary at Owlhaven said, we have no concept of nothing) wouldn’t hurt us, might even help. And… think of the results.


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