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Posted on: February 2, 2007

A quote from Lynda Angelastro, the special projects manager at Simple Scrapbooks who is also involved in the new Digital Scrapbooking magazine that’s coming out soon, on the question she gets asked the most:

“But is digital really scrapbooking?” My reply? “Well, do you think digital cameras take real photos?”

Love it, love it. I hate all the elitist crap, intentional and un-, that comes up when it comes to anything creative, whether it’s scrapbooking, writing, visual arts, etc, etc. Naturally not everything will necessarily be appropriate/meant for public consumption, but the “is it real” question just irks me.

I don’t know if I’ll ever move completely away from paper — I really love the cut and paste and tactileness of it all. (Not to mention the sheer volume of supplies I have.)

But I do love some of the digi stuff out there, and just think of the awesome uses! How about a mini-album for all four-in-our-case sets of grandparents? How about a heritage album or one on this year’s family reunion, and everyone in the extended family can get a copy? Or copies of the same pages for you and each of your children, no scanning necessary?

Not to mention the incredible awesomeness of filing/categorizing your digital supplies with a program that uses tags – no more having to decide if something is blue or orange when it has equal parts of both on it. Wish I could do it with my regular paper. Also so easy to undo if you make a mistake, or you want to line something up just right. And there’s so many amazing freebies and inexpensive other supplies out there. And of course, just one paper can make a whole coordinated album in digital.

Clearly I need to do some more digi scrapping. And since I found this tutorial that includes how to adjust the size of your drop shadow, I am totally psyched about it!


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I discovered digital scrapbooking a year ago, and I love it! I hear ya about the purists. Unfortunately, they’re in every group on every subject.

I’m with you sistah! I also to both kinds of scrapbooking and I print out my digi-layouts mix them up in my albums with my hand scrapped ones. Sometimes I leave off a couple of the digi elements before I print them, (like brads) and add ‘real’ elements for a lumpy bumpy feel.
I did a post on this on my blog.

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