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chucking the camera….

Posted on: February 7, 2007

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Camera Tossing, 1

So there’s this awesome site, called Photojojo. (I found it through scrapbooker Tara Whitney’s blog.) They have a newsletter thing (you can read it as a feed, or get it in your email), with cool ideas for photography stuff. Here’s my first effort at Camera Tossing, a nerve-wracking but awesome-looking thing where (get this!) you throw your camera in the air, with a long exposure setting (night setting, for example). It results in some awesome things — check it out on Flickr.

No, I didn’t throw my new camera (in spite of the kickin’ warranty, which would totally cover it; I’m just not ready for that), it was the old one (Olympus D-560), gently, with a spin, over our nice soft bed. Pretty nifty though.


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