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Posted on: February 8, 2007

Ever heard of Moleskines? They’re touted as “the notebook of Hemingway, Picasso” etc. I saw them referred to online as “the iPod of notebooks.” It’s an apt term: Moleskines seem to have an almost irresistable appeal as far as design and marketing go. (For something that’s not that much different than the other options? Hmmm… but I do love that new Mac TV commercial, with the security dude? “You are coming to a sad realization, cancel or allow?”)

I love the look of hardbound notebooks, but use almost exclusively spirals; the others tend to intimidate me, sad to say. But I gave in and bought a lined, hardbound one. (Now I need to scribble all over the first page in an effort to get over the fear of “ruining” it. By writing in it! A notebook! Can you imagine?)

I tend toward fairly large handwriting, and so even the large size seemed a bit small to me. But the little ones were cute, too, and it’s always cool to have a small one for the pocket. I considered getting one, in fact I thought about the small cahiers which come in a three pack and are skinny. But then… I decided to try to make one. With graph paper, because I certainly didn’t need the headache of messing with horizontal lines and ruled margins and blah blah blah. And I like graph paper. So I made one, same number of pages (64 = 16 half sheets of paper), same size (nearly), with a kraft cardstock cover. Just cut and fold and sew down the middle. And round the corners with a small punch. Pretty nifty, no?


Before I actually sewed on the above I did a test with some extra paper, and made two tiny books, one for each of my kids. Below is my daughter’s, a micro-moleskine, if you will. (Very appealing name, don’t you think?)


P.S. Does it scare anyone else that notebook brings up more references to computers than to bound paper nowadays?


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those are really cute.

So neat that you made a moleskin. My brother has been after me to try my hand at making them but… I just haven’t yet. I have one that someone bought and gave me as a gift but it is so tiny… so little that I can’t imagine any real writing going into it. But, it is cute so I will try at some point, I guess.

Love the one you did!

KB 🙂

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