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bathroom cupboards – run away!

Posted on: February 9, 2007

Here’s my contribution to Heather’s challenge @ OMSH: under the bathroom sink. (A horror flick… it came from beneath the sink!) (And, an aside: doesn’t OMSH sound like a mother doing yoga? “Ommmm… shhhh!” I wonder if I’m the first person to think of that. I really hope so.) (I know, I know, it’s really Oh My Stinkin Heck, which is awesome in it’s own right. But I amuse myself, and I’m one of those readers who sort of hears all the words in my head as I go.) (Different than hearing those voices… 🙂 )

This is the hall bathroom. In my defense, both these cupboards (as well as the kitchen ones) have child locks on them that are pretty cool. (I can’t seem to find a link, maybe I’ll update it later…)


Here’s the master bathroom (thus titled because it’s inside the master bedroom, not because it’s any bigger or different in any way).


(This is what happens when your apartment has NO LINEN CLOSET. Or hall closet, or bathroom closet, or pantry… Not that I’m bitter or anything. But HONESTLY. When they build a three bedroom (okay, technically 2 with den) apartment, do they not think that maybe people will be living there? Maybe more people than in a smaller apartment, even. And that, just maybe, they’ll need places to put their stuff? It boggles the mind.)


2 Responses to "bathroom cupboards – run away!"

I totally need to record me saying OMSH. I’m lazy, see. It is TOO HARD to type out the full name every time.

I don’t do yoga. I do … um … chair olympics. I’m championing the “How long can I sit in my chair without getting up” relay. I think I have a chance for the gold.

I understand NO storage. I finally got a pantry when we finished our basement and put the water heater downstairs. My house was built in 1910 by dairy hands in their spare times for THEM to live in. So, nothing “Cool” to the age like moldings and NO NO NO NO Storage. Bleck.

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