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me blog, back me too

Posted on: March 5, 2007

[Blame it on Alice.]

Hello you. Back me. Kids, sick been, fever. And coughing. Horrible, can’t sleep coughing: not them, me! Me can’t sleep, wake every time – them snooze right through. Figures. No yucky stomachs, me praise heaven for.

Now? Little happy dance in chair. Go here, see me inspiration in action. Blushing in honor, me.

All day scrappiness Saturday. Fun, post evidence. Later.

Also! Finish show, 24, season one. HATE THEM. Sucky writers, stupid — angry me. Angry! Not spoiler you, but annoyed. No way she find Nina in dinky back room. CONTRIVED SUSPENSE infuriate me. Pissed. Alternate ending on dvd, but SO obvious they not want it; poorly paced, poorly handled, of course can’t use. BAH. They make hot Kiefer cry. AGAIN. Boo. Too much suspense. Me wuss? Shrug. Not watch next season. Well. Not for a while.

Also, funny: no flashbacks at all, 24, just one at very end. Not like LOST = nothing BUT.

Me go now, eat pancakes, try not get sick self. You write comment, like this. How day? How weekend?


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You, back. Me, glad.


Falwyn, are you channeling Yoda?
How are you with a light sabre?

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