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what the heck kind of name is memoranza?

Posted on: March 7, 2007

Lots of reports lately, many scrapbooking related. Ah well, at least I’m back with the blogging.

So I went to a big scrapbooking event last Saturday, all day in fact, from 9 am till 7 pm. It was, I must say, a welcome break from sick children. They’re darling, but they keep me homebound at the moment, so it was nice to get away.

It was a pleasant outing, good company, tasty food, at a hotel downtown, so not too far away. either. Sadly, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped to, which put something of a damper on my feeling of how “worthwhile” it was, for me. (Though hey, I’ve got a lot planned out now, which will help for getting stuff done at home, which let’s face it, is easier in the not-having-to-pack sense. Though not usually easier in the not-getting-interrupted sense. Ah, the trade offs.)

I was much more productive in the afternoon/evening hours of the event than the morning, not just because my classes were in the morning. I fear I am also a night owl, though I wish so much that I were a morning lark. Why? Is it just the pressure of a daytime oriented world? That, too, but I think also it would be better for me, as the evenings, and by evening I mean anytime between 6 and 3 am, are unpredictable – sometimes I’m all motivated and planning and productive, and other times terribly depressed. Sometimes both. Then again, the mornings are pretty much reliably slow and semi-conscious — but at least they’re on an even keel? Hmph.

Whatever, enough of all that. Instead I will show you what I finished at the scrappythingie, layouts from the beginning of 2003. Yes, they mostly still need journaling.

New Year's Eve 03


Hoppy Easter 2004


3 Responses to "what the heck kind of name is memoranza?"

Great layouts Falwyn. I especially like the Zoo one.

hehe…. love the title of your post. Memoranza is a combination of the words Memory and Extravaganza. I personally don’t care for it but oh well, nobody at CM asked my opinion. LOL

The “Hoppy Easter” is my favorite layout although they all are great. I’m glad you went to the event – I just wished I had felt up to being there all day too. Cya soon!

All great pages!

Do tell about your special event.

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