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starting out with softies

Posted on: March 9, 2007

Moment of random: 24 Hour Emergency Art. Story of my life? Does this explain my strange sleep patterns in college? Let’s hope so. (Scroll down to the Nora story.)

Inspired by Kerflop’s softies (especially this one! so awesome!), and since I’ve always liked making toys, I decided to try designing my own. Drafted the pattern on graph paper, cut it out of paper grocery bag. Had to tweak it a bit, I like the second bear better, after I altered it a little. Also, not to be stuffing too firmly, but I used polyfil and poly pellets in the feet, hands and butt. My bottom part of it still needs a little work, perhaps I’ll do something crazy like buy a pattern or two and see how it goes. My kids love them (especially since they match the jammies I made them, being made of scrap flannel and all), and I’ve made another which is a GIFT so you’ll have to wait to see it till I can get it to the recipient.


I was surprised to find that I quite enjoyed embroidering the little faces.

Superbear 030707-12

Superboy & SuperbearWe call my son’s Superbear, because of the colors and because he flies it around the house.

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Those turned out SO cute!!!

Embroidering the faces is my favorite part! It’s so soothing for some reason.

Excellent job ;o)

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