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no! I LIKE it in here

Posted on: July 13, 2007

So… at last we have returned home! The kids think they have all new toys, it’s been so long since they’ve seen any of them. But they keep calling their daddy “grandpa” — whoops. Been gone a bit too long?

I had a STACK of scrapbook magazines waiting for me, and a clean house! My darling husband even tackled the (which is to say, MY) office/scraproom. So lovely to be at home, but I’m so worn out I feel like I may never recover. (And so many photos to load and rename and tag and cull through! Good grief…)

But these are funny! Funny funny funny.
Voice over man. “In a land… before time….” “NO! I like it in here.”

The bunnies have struck again. Go there and click on March of the Penguins:  “This is a story of survival. And hot penguin lovin’.”

Have you seen the spiders on drugs experiment? Slight language warning.


2 Responses to "no! I LIKE it in here"

Sounds like a wonderful homecoming after a great trip Falwyn.

I am so impressed that your hubby did all that cleaning! wOOt! Mine thinks that if he did dishes once then he is a hero. haha!

So glad you are back! Are you up for scrapbooking on the 20th?

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