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Posted on: August 13, 2007

So disoriented lately. What state am I in? I blame it on too much travel – also on coming down with a raging cold – that could do it too. But feeling a bit better.

So while I was up in the Land of Potatoes for the reunion, I was lucky enough to get to see Jessica. (If you’re jealous? it’s totally understandable, because she’s awesome.) My family and I had a really lovely visit with her; I saw the famed Katie nursery (totally cute) and took a few pics, but mostly was distracted by, oh, the talking. Even my husband had a great time, and he can definitely be a bit anti-social at times, at least with people he doesn’t know. But as we were driving away he said, “That was really fun!”

playing fetch

(I think he has a weakness for grassy yards as well. Here he is playing with Lucy and Cooper for a moment. Okay, mostly Lucy, Cooper let her do the fetching.)

boy toys

My son was in heaven with all the little boy toys.

playing castle

Here’s my daughter playing castle with Jake and a neighbor boy.

gumball is taking over the world!

Gumball is still taking over the world! (I’m trying to figure out a way to crochet a 3D Gumball. We’ll see.)


And finally, the obligatory two shot. Forgive the horrid flash; I inexcusably waited too long into the evening to get this one, there was no light left outside. And pardon my nose wrinkle.

In short? We’re ready to move in down the street. (Seriously, my husband is set on moving up that way. But even before we visited, so that makes it less scary, right? right? I swear, I’m not a stalker.* And we have family that way. I may be willing to do snow. Anything to escape this BROILER we live in.)

*Also, contrary to my brother’s fears, Jessica is not an axe-murderess. Or maybe she is! but her basement was full that day. My lips are sealed.


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I saw the yard in the first photo and thought “Woah. She has the same yard as Jessica”

I’m super smart like that. Duh.

She is loads of fun. I’m sure that her home will soon make apperances on the map of the famous Idahoans along side Demi Moore, Ernest Hemingway and Larry LaPrise (Otherwise known as the guy who wrote the Hokey Pokey)

[…] week, I got to meet the lovely Falwyn and her family. She’s got pictures of my messy backyard and make-up-less me. […]

you and I both live in the same icky southwest desert, and yes, Idaho looks better and better every year. Jessica’s back 40 and her tails of cheap land only fuel the fire!

Yeah, the greenery of Idaho does look lovely. The spouse and I went to Boise area last year and were blown away by all the vegetation and water. Stark contrast from the Nevada desert.

Hiya – linked over from Kerflop! I might be able to help you with the 3-D Gumball, which I assume is the pink kitty. Have you heard of amigurumi? It’s Japanese crochet and they makes lots of little cute things like that! I have several books, could possibly scan a page or two so you’d get the idea. Unfortunately they are in Japanese, so the directions won’t help you much! Unless you read Japanese?

@applesonastick – Yeah, my husband used to live up there, for a little while when he was a kid, and now he’s positively FIXATED on the low housing prices. So… Hm… hatching plans.

@Loralee – You’re funny. 🙂

Not to mention that dude who invented television. Mr. Philo T. Farnsworth? What with so much reality schlock anymore (not all of it, but y’know), I’m not sure it’s something to brag about…. 🙂

[…] friendly So disoriented lately. What state am I in? I blame it on too much travel – also on coming down with a raging cold – […] […]

Wasn’t Farnsworth born in the Mexican colonies? I think he invented the TV when he was living in Idaho though…wonder which one counts…

@Georgia – Well, Wikipedia claims he was born in Beaver, UT and at some undisclosed date while young moved up to ID. And I believe EVERYTHING I read on Wikipedia…. 😉

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