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birthdays, links, and such

Posted on: August 25, 2007

Partially inspired by this entry, and partly just a list of stuff to share…

So my birthday is in less than a month. I’m getting a 50mm lens for my camera, but I also want this necklace and these bags. Cuz they rock. Also I have decided to start an official toy fox collection and isn’t this one adorable? (ETA: though I usually get my photos professionally printed, this printer here sounds really awesome. I want to win it!)

ALSO, IMPORTANT QUESTION: my daughter’s birthday is even sooner. Does anyone know where I could get some toy griffins? Are you extremely talented and crafty? She loves small hard model animals, and I think that’s what she has in mind. I’m really rather desperate — she WOULD keep mentioning them too…

This right here slays me. “Some children, mostly boys, have even been pressed into brutal physical labor by their fathers, who demand their sons help them in the yard on Saturdays—one of only two days off for children who spend an average of 600 hours a week at school.”

“But what is wrong with me? Why O Why am I not bionic and able to do (and enjoy doing) everything all the time?” Love it. (One of the comments on the entry.)

U in big trubble now.

Her book is finally out. Yay!! (I ordered it.)

And finally, a classic:


7 Responses to "birthdays, links, and such"

I love the necklace and the grocery bags! I wish I had some modicum of help in the griffin area, but dang I am totally craftless.

That parents abusing children article was a riot. I want to see a wives abusing husbands one. I think Tom feels like he does at least a hundred hours of yardwork on Saturdays alone.

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