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another list o’ random things

Posted on: September 12, 2007

I have the book (well, the first one anyway) at last from the library. I’m savoring the moment before diving in.

A fascinating discussion about writing on the web.

Neti pots! I’d never even heard of them till maybe a month ago — now they’re EVERYWHERE. I swear, like every blog I read. Crazy.

Make up. Something I should learn more about. And maybe… I even want to.

Go to the Scrappay Divas blog. We’re starting our scrap challenges again! And we’ve done a redesign, and I made the header… go look fast because it’s pending the digital kit designer’s permission, so ya never know how long it’ll be there. Also I’m extremely pleased with my layout for tomorrow’s challenge, so go see! I may get the hang of this digital thing yet. (And if I really do, look out, cuz I already have more paper than you can shake a stick at….)

ETA: I was very frustrated trying to find this thing for future reference. And I couldn’t. ARGH. But now I have. Yay! And here it is. The end.


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Heeeee! I love Edward! Giggle! Swoon! My mom is in camp Jacob – which won’t make sense until book 2, but we’re not speaking as a result.

Ha, kidding. But you know.

I bought one of the neti pots a couple of years ago when I had my first sinus problem. It worked well. Only thing is now that I am better I really cannot use it. The pressure in my head is too great. 😦

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