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Gumball the kitten is still taking over the world!

Posted on: October 17, 2007

I’ve wanted a 3D Gumball the kitten for a while now. So … I made one, at last. And, frankly, I’m pretty proud.

3D Gumball!

I think I will call him Gumball “Gurumi” the Kitten. The first.

He’s about the size of a gumball. Well, perhaps a jawbreaker.

Gumball or jawbreaker?

I crocheted Gumball amigurumi style. I used some of my leftover hot pink Lion Brand polarspun yarn. It has been discontinued, and for good reason: it is lovely, yet evil. (Like Gumball himself?) It works up into such a lovely mat, like a real plush toy — I stuffed the body with polypellets in a nylon toe, but probably could’ve dispensed with the nylon, because the worked up fabric is so dense. However, it’s hellaciously sticky-to-itself, and thus near impossible to pull out if/when you make a mistake. Which is practically unavoidable, because the furriness of it makes it insanely hard to see the individual stitches. I do plan to come up with a pattern for this, but I will have to work it out with normal yarn, because it was IMPOSSIBLE to count and figure out stitches while in the middle of this one; I was completely winging it most of the time. Then, maybe after I have a real pattern, I’ll see if I can do another Gumball in the Polarspun. Because I am a glutton for punishment. But isn’t it the perfect shade? What else am I going to do with this terrible stuff.

Gumball G., detailsEyes are surrounded by white felt. The eyes themselves (and mouth, and nose) are all black brads. (I snipped the corner off a square minibrad to get the nose.) I meant to embroider at least the nose and mouth, but since my floss box is AWOL, this is what happened.

I’m afraid this iteration of Gumball has no back legs (almost had no front legs either), and because of the placement of the tail, no asterisk butt either. Tragic I know. I’ll be sure to try to fix that next time.

We had to drop off the car to get a window fixed (hopefully the blinkers as well, ah, how would THAT be), and as it’s very close by, the kids and I walked home. Photowalked, I should say. We each had a camera (the kids have a FisherPrice one, and A used our old one — must upload all those photos as well), and we took quite a few photos — mostly of Gumball enjoying his first day out.

Gumball stops to smell the flowers

Expect more adventures of Gumball to come.

See more Gumball than you can shake a stick at here.


14 Responses to "Gumball the kitten is still taking over the world!"

I am SO proud. I think my heart exploded.

Oh love!!! Omygosh, it’s Gumball at his cutest!

that is so cute! I have a little frog named happy – imagine that πŸ˜€

Very cute – but needs whiskers I think.

You are WAY talented!

I saw this on your flickr page and wondered who he was. Very cute. Now I want to make one. πŸ™‚

Very cute.

I love it! He’s so cute. πŸ™‚

Clearly you are one talented gal. This could pave the way to a mega-fortune. You should definitely open an etsy shop.

Cutest thing ever! I second Ashley on the Etsy shop…I would totally buy a white one to mimic my crazy kitty.

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Oh how cute is that?! I love it.

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