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Welcome to NaBloPoMo 2007

Posted on: November 1, 2007

I’m tempted to try something novel for NaBloPoMo this year, like maybe having an entirely photo blog for a month! No words at all! The idea is intriguing. Something a bit different for me, not to verbalize so much . It would be cool, except, oh wait, also IMPOSSIBLE. Oh well. Instead, you will be subjected to the customary stream-of-randomness. It’s why you come here, right?

However, photos are certainly in order.


Kitty and Spiderman

This pose was all her idea.

Let me emphasize… this pose was ALL her own idea.

Read the shirt

I know, I already gave the punchline for this one: it was supposed to be a shot of Gumball floating in midair. But I didn’t tell you that it was my dear husband’s idea. Heehee.

Gumball's personal assistant?

I usually do dress up for Halloween. This year I was, um…. Gumball’s personal assistant? And what a slave driver he was! I ran myself ragged after sushi, anchovies, heavy cream, catnip… maybe I’ll make some money eventually off my memoirs.


Well, not the punchiest start, but since I’ve barely been able to sit (at the computer or otherwise) at all today (my back is freaking out — why?), we’ll let it go at that. Happy BloP-ing!


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My boy was the bad Spiderman, but without the bulk. I LOVE the crocs.

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