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truth or dare… ok, just truth. and links.

Posted on: November 6, 2007

I don’t know why I’m feeling so much less inspired this time around than last year for NaBloPoMo. I was only marginally more prepared last time (had a huge list of topics, but that’s about it), so I don’t think that’s it. Or, not it entirely.

I need some help people! Got any questions for me? Or any ideas for stuff to post, topics? Please, please share. Ask me questions! Go for it. It’s like truth or dare, except, it’s the internet, so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to choose dare (but if you want to enter some entertaining ones, perhaps I’ll wrestle out the camcorder). And also I may refuse to answer. I’m not a very good truth or dare player that way. But ask anyway!

(Seems lots of people are doing this asking questions thing this year. Well, a fair number. I like this entry and this entry on the topic.)


Okay, so this post isn’t a total waste, how about a few random links?

This is wild. Urban camouflage. Do people really use these? Do they work?

Here’s a chat transcript from JK Rowling that I hadn’t seen before. (No, not the infamous one.) Should authors not talk about their work after it’s published? Obviously in her case people are begging for it, but still….

Totally charmed by this. Makes me want to write a story.

A tutorial for making a denim tote bag. Did I mention I’m crazy about this bag making thing? And have so many worn out pairs of jeans available. May have to try it soon.

I support this. So nice to have it stated well.

Have you read Pioneer Woman’s story of how she met her husband? Oh, go, now! Begin at the beginning, and when you come to the end… well, it’s not finished yet actually, so when you come to the end you can wait in breathless anticipation for the next installment, like the rest of us!


2 Responses to "truth or dare… ok, just truth. and links."

Do you think it is more difficult to get used to living in the desert or to get used to living in the 4 seasons after you have lived in one or the other for an extended period of time?

What is the point of day light savings time to the average individual.

Do you have any idea how much it sucks when your children are waking up an hour earlier than normal.

Why do students complain so much about learning?

What Halloween candy can you not live without?

What are your Thanksgiving dream plans?

Have you done origami? What do you want to learn to make? What would you do with all of the origami that you made?

How important are calendars to your life?

Oh, do you need some creative writing prompts? Heh, heh- writer friends to the rescue!
I think you should try some fan fiction.
Maybe you could take on the persona of gumball and tell us all about one of your life adventures as gumball. Maybe you can give us hints as to your gumball family and gumball favorites, your gumball pet peeves.

Start it with this sentence:
“A nice quiet distraction turned innocent prank…”

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