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Q&A part one

Posted on: November 7, 2007

We were just watching Ratatouille. Good golly, how I love Peter O’Toole as the critic Ego in it. Such a beyond fabulous voice.


Okay, I’ll jump in with some of the questions instead of whining about how blogging blocked I am (today it’s probably just because I actually worked on NaNoWriMo as well; though really, in comparison, blogging is a flippin’ BREEZE). But I need more questions (in spite of my friend Happay’s extensive contributions 🙂 ), so keep ’em coming, people!

1. Do you think it is more difficult to get used to living in the desert or to get used to living in the 4 seasons after you have lived in one or the other for an extended period of time?
I haven’t really done this, or at least not as an adult. Though I hope to soon. But I think it’s probably psychologically harder to switch over to living in the desert, and physically harder to switch to four seasons. That’s my theory.

2. What is the point of day light savings time to the average individual?
Good grief, I have NO idea. Can ANYONE explain this? One assumes there is some purpose, but I honestly cannot figure it out. Of course, I live in a state without DST, so I’m probably not the one to ask.

3. Do you have any idea how much it sucks when your children are waking up an hour earlier than normal?
Oh yes. I’m terribly sorry. I feel guilty when they come padding out, all tousleheaded and adorable, and the first thing I feel is irritation. Sigh.

4. Why do students complain so much about learning?
Because they’re wusses! They don’t know how good they have it, getting to learn more-or-less for a living, and not being responsible for anyone but themselves! No appreciation at all! 🙂 I probably shouldn’t say things like that to my children: “Oh, yeah, it’s so hard being a kid, just wait till you grow up.”


This? made me laugh out loud. But seriously, not just the acronym, substitute-for-body-language-in-internet-conversation version, but real laughter, the kind that makes me wonder if my laugh is weird or too loud. But not till afterwards, because at the time I’m too busy having fun. And laughing. (Because Old Norse! and alternate dimensions! and BFF! BFF!)


Finally — what do YOU think Gumball got for a fortune?

Gumball's Fortune

P.S. Here’s the last sentence I wrote in my NaNovel today: “The old woman was sitting on a heap of faded rugs and cushions near one of the windows, by a brazier filled with barely glowing coals.” Maybe I’ll give y’all a sentence a day. It won’t really make any sense, of course, but hey, it’ll be almost like accountability to write.


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