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Posted on: November 8, 2007

[I totally stole this idea from Loralee. Thanks so muchly to her.]

Dear NaBloPoMo – Why are you kicking my butt so hard this year?

Dear Self – When are you going to quit whining about it?

Dear October – Where did you go? And why so fast? I cannot approve.

Dear New Blog Template – Why can’t I play with the colors on you? Are you trying to force me to get a real host and blah de blah?

Dear Daughter – I think it is way cute that you insisted on helping me make some soup because you wanted to be like the rat on Ratatouille. It was fun cooking the tasty butternut squash & potato soup together. But now – couldn’t you please EAT it? Because picky eating drives me completely bonkers. Thanks dearest, I love you.

Dear Son – I love you, my boy. And I’m very impressed that you are no longer wearing your Spiderman suit EVERY day. Now quit becoming a big boy so fast.

Dear Children – I apologize that there’s practically no food in the house. (Save for the soup, the unpopular soup.) Didn’t we just eat yesterday? P.S. Thanks for making up and sharing that stupid action figure this afternoon.

Dear Self – When you miraculously wake up at 5 am like you actually intended, just get up then. I know we will feel better. P.S. Stop reading so many blogs. At least you don’t have to check them every day.

Dear Inner Muse – Re this NaNoWriMo thing: I think I would feel better if you would just reveal the plot already. The suspense is going to give me ulcers.

110707-5Dear Balloon Maker last night – First of all, those Transformers you made of balloons were awesome. Second, thank you for giving the one of Bumblebee to my son. He is still thrilled. YOU ROCK.

Dear Self Discipline – Where are you? My life would be better I think, if you were back in it.

[Delivery to the recipient failed permanently. Technical details of permanent failure: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 unknown user] Well that explains a lot.

Dear SmockLady – We must set up another time to talk digiscrapping! Hope your babe is feeling better.

Dear Gumball – Please go pick us up a couple of hot, cheap pizzas. Earn your keep around here!

Dear Decisions for Church Choir – Stop sucking my will to live. That is all.

Dear Friends on the East Coast – I apologize for being a rotten correspondent. I miss you.

Dear Million Dollars – Where are you already?

Dear Thanksgiving – Why are you already looming? Don’t you know that I haven’t made the plans for you yet? Are we visiting the inlaws? I don’t know! You ask so much, with this impendingness.

Dear Depression, Gloominess & Angst – Go away. I do not want you anymore. I have appreciated your recent absence – let’s not spoil things now.

Dear Shannon Hale – Hee hee. Austenland was so much fun. Thanks for that. Forgive me for the jealousy – it’s nothing personal, and I’m working on it.

Dear Weather – It is NOVEMBER. So cool it. Literally.

Dear Joann.com – I hate you. I only put in that (too large, for the sake of free shipping) order for the Mocha colored yarn, IT WAS THE WHOLE REASON, and then you tell me it (and only it) is out of stock. I hate you.

Dear Brain – Less fuzziness. What do we need to do to concentrate/think better?

Dear Today – Are you done yet?


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That’s a great list. I DIG the balloon transformer!!! BTW-“Austenland is on my “To DO” list.

Less brain fuzziness over here would be good, too. Thank you.

Girl, that was funny.

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