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my oldest friends

Posted on: November 12, 2007

old friends

1. Beep Sheep, 2. the College Bear, 3. Teddy, my first stuffed animal, 4. old Snoopy, 5. new Snoopy, 6. foxes, 7. Honey bear, 8. Sunny Bear, 9. Red Panda

(To see any of these photos larger, click on the above links. You can also read a little more about each of them in their flickr descriptions.)

What can I say? They’re my old friends. My parents like to tell the story of when I was little (3? 4?) and they were telling me that we would be moving. I looked very concerned, and asked, “Can I bring my toys?” When they assured me I could I was much relieved. Top criteria, you know.

old foxFinally this one. He has a bit of a bittersweet story. (Sorry he looks a bit sinister without his nose – a family dog chewed it off. Now I want to fix it but…)

So when I was a kid I was crazy about animals, but especially foxes. In fact, I have finally, just recently, decided that I’m actually going to officially collect them — though I don’t want it to get TOO out of hand, goodness knows. Anyway. When I was little Beanie Babies hadn’t been invented yet, and it was a lot harder to find cool, unusual stuffed animals. One Christmas, I believe I was seven, I came down to find this fox under the tree. I would’ve preferred one with four legs (this one is made to be more decorative, and only has the three you see), but he was soft and awesome and I was thrilled of course. (That was the moment when I figured out that my parents were actually Santa — the look on my dad’s face when I saw this fox, I just knew.)

What breaks my heart now (in an almost literal, ridiculously over-reacting, feeling-emotionally-unstable kind of way) is that I don’t know where it is. I fear that it may have become the victim of an overenthusiastic purge at some point (yes, I have gotten rid of stuffed animals in the past, though you wouldn’t know it from the number we still have. Most of which my kids have inherited, and love playing with, especially all my beanie animals, which is a whole other post). In fact, now that I think about it, I’m almost sure that’s what happened (oh dear, I hope my dad’s not reading this). I want it back, I want to find it… I would even settle for one like it but eBay and Google have not helped me out on this score. It would help if I knew the brand but I don’t (I thought it was a Russ or Gund or something). If you ever run across one just like this at the Goodwill or DI or something — would you get it for me? Pretty please?

(Bah, now I feel like an idiot. What adult gets all silly and worked up over a toy? I am tempted to delete all and start afresh. I will try to let it stand though. Partly because I can’t bear the thought of having to think of something else, and partly because I do want to try being a little more… personal and open on my blog. If this could even qualify. Oh well.)


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I love this post, so please don’t delete it! I would be heartbroken if I lost any of my remaining special stuffed animals. I also miss a few that I got rid of before I left home for college. Mostly I’m glad I sent the many dozens out to find new homes with new children, but there are some that I still wish I’d kept.

Good luck finding your fox! If I ever see one like him I’ll snap him up for you.

Beep sheep is so cutie wootie.

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