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Thursday Thirteen

Posted on: November 15, 2007

(Oooh, it’s Thursday! Found here, seen many places)

  1. Something I am very afraid of: You mean besides the nightmares where my children are in mortal peril? losing all my writing and scrapbooks and photos in a fire.
  2. One thing I dislike about myself: only one? how hard it is for me to follow a routine.
  3. One profession I have absolutely no respect for: the paparazzi generally
  4. My favorite type of music: songs with great vocal harmony. (In practice, this usually means country, folk, a cappella, and so on.)
  5. A unique place I have visited: unique… Berlin as the Wall was coming down (lived there then, actually)
  6. Age at which I got my first real kiss: 16
  7. My dream job: Writing novels, staying home with my kids. (Also making custom scrapbooks, doing informal portraiture photo shoots, and maybe sign language interpreting. I may need to focus.)
  8. A sound I love to hear: my kiddos playing and laughing together
  9. A food I cannot eat enough of: lipton onion sour cream dip (among other things)
  10. Something new I really want to do as a hobby: oh good grief, I don’t think I need any more hobbies. Selling my own crochet toys online, maybe.
  11. My favorite word: delight
  12. Something that other people do that I hate: extreme food pickiness
  13. My little “vice”: Spending way too much time online. I’m not sure how little this is; at least it’s legal, I suppose.

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Well, the good thing about a blog is that you’ll never lose ALL your writing and photos in a fire. 🙂

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