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he has a future in cosmetology

Posted on: November 20, 2007

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Good grief, late again. And we’re leaving obscenely early tomorrow, to drive for 10 hours. Yay.

Still alive, and feeling somewhat better – and thank you to the exceedingly kind commenters on my last post. I don’t know why it took me so long to discover the RAW FEAR side of writing. I could talk about that some… but I only have about five minutes here. GOT to get some sleep. Trying to decide if we’re going to take along our EHD to share some photos with the grandparents. (Oh, where art thou, laptop?)

But yes, I went and got my hair fixed. Mostly just thinned out/layered up the back some — hair cutting is really a mystery to me, albeit a fascinating one. It’s not just cutting, you have to treat it as a whole, the way it all moves together… blah blah, I’m babbling. Anyway, I didn’t tell them at first who exactly had cut it, but the stylist said, “It’s so cute! I love this line here… we could do some tweaking in the back but I think they did great.” When I told her it was my husband she was fairly flabbergasted. Yay for my sweetie! But I am a bit happier with it now. And have some scary sounding thing – texturizing cream, that’s it – to play with in it. Sadly, even the new version doesn’t make me look fifty pounds lighter. They need to design THAT hair style.

Some random observations:

  • I am sad to say — well, assume — that the Dark Is Rising movie must have sucked. How do I know? Because it went to the dollar theaters around here in only 2 weeks. Yep, must’ve sucked big time. (This is a shame. Please go and read the books now. Thank you.)
  • M. Night Shyamalan’s movies. (I call him Emmmmmmm….) I wouldn’t call them great movies, in the sense of cinematic greatness. But I really like them just the same. It’s a sort of fond feeling.

11:58. That is all.

P.S. LOOOOOOOOK – someone made my Gumball! Yay! Now there’s a little ego boost for you… 🙂


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