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come on, get thankful

Posted on: November 22, 2007

It hasn’t been updated (well, the blog at least) for a while, but I love this: 10 Things

Go ahead, go make your own list. Take photos if you’re so inclined, of course, and post them on the Flickr group. It’s all about the details.

It is acceptable for you to put this off till tomorrow, if you are busy with turkey and pie and so on. However, if you want something to record a few things, here’s a little something I’ve made — a 5×7 card. I’m copying it for each person at our Thanksgiving festivities (it’s been 2 years since we’ve seen this set of grandparents), having them fill it out. Then I plan to scan it back into the computer and add photo pages, a little decoration, and get a couple of photo books like this printed. I think you should be able to click the image below, then right click to save it, and print it yourself if you like. (Crossing fingers, never tried this before.)

10 things I am thankful for (5 big, 5 little)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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