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Gumball the Third

Posted on: January 8, 2008

ETA: The worsted pattern is now up.

People must really like free patterns, ’cause I get a lot of traffic on my Gumball pattern page. I understand that, goodness knows I like free patterns myself. However, I just wasn’t entirely satisfied with my Gumball pattern. Then I wanted to make my sister a Gumball for Christmas. And I love my seester SO much, I decided I was willing to brave the evil yarn again for her.

Unfortunately, the making part didn’t really get started until, well, the plane ride to the east coast on Christmas Eve. And plane rides by oneself with two small children are certainly not conducive to crocheting with difficult yarn. So in the interest of finishing the blasted thing, like, ever, I switched back to worsted. But I DID decide that I was going to rework the unsatisfactory pattern a bit as I went.

Mostly I decided to change the face — I’m not big on the spiral in the middle face, I much prefer the across the horizontal stripes face. So there it is. I also made the tail more curled around, and added back legs (partly at my brother’s urging, and since he was keeping me company during the final making and assembly stages at about 1 am Christmas Eve, I humored him). I do think my original fuzzy-yarn Gumball looks good with no back legs, but worsted is a whole ‘nother story. And I changed the ears; again a case of something that works great with the fuzzy yarn but just isn’t right for the worsted.

All right, enough meta-chatter. Now below is (what else!) a slide show of some pics of the new and improved (IMHO) Gumball the Kitten. Enjoy. If/when I put up the revised pattern, I’ll certainly let you know.

(If you can’t see the slideshow, go to my Gumball set on Flickr.)

4 Responses to "Gumball the Third"

Me needs one of those gumballs! 😉

So cute! Are you on ravelry? I’ve added gumball to my “queue” there but it didn’t find a matching pattern in their database. Thanks for sharing, I’ve been looking for a good cat/kitten pattern. 😀

I love the Gumball! Can you post a revised pattern for Gumball III or at least let me know what you did different that worked with the worsted yarn? I really want to make one of these…


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