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I feel like a REAL blogger now…

Posted on: March 26, 2008

I’ve always wondered how I would react to my first Hate Mail (or in this case, hate comment).

Now, granted, it is about my beloved Gumball, and the pattern that took me a fair amount of time to work out. However, the customary (and well adhered to) form of the hate mail (i.e. impossible spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, and just general incoherence) have softened the blow considerably. Here I will reproduce it, in it’s full glory, a comment from mickayla:

they are so ugly cuz i m,ade one and it turned out to be a himalion

(By the way, what exactly is a himalion? Is it a wildly speculative version of humiliation? Or perhaps it is an exotic species of lion, residing in Tibet, the heights of the Himalayas… sounds like a cool thing for it to “turn out” to be.)

Now, maybe mickayla is just in a bad mood from living right next to that airfield right outside Sacramento. Perhaps it broke her concentration and caused the pattern to “turn out” to be something other than what was intended. We may never know.

Someone should really write a hate mail generator. Into it, you can write your carefully reasoned, meticulously spell-checked arguments and rebuttals (such as, perhaps, “Dear sir/madam, I must respectfully disagree with your assessment of the movie in question, I thought it was poorly plotted and overly melodramatic. However, to each his own!”), and it will provide you with an appropriately formatted hate mail, something along the lines of: heY,, your retardd and you baby is ugly anywa,y, get a life CUZ YOU SUXK LOSER!!11!!!!!!!!1!

(Oooh, look, something sort of similar to this, but perhaps just a tad less coherent.)

To my dear, first troll (really more like a baby troll, isn’t she cute?): I’m sorry you were disappointed. I sure do appreciate your effort to confirm that my pattern was indeed ugly by making one yourself. That’s going the extra mile, for sure!


5 Responses to "I feel like a REAL blogger now…"

Yeah, don’t people know that if they bash Gumball, it’s like messing with one of your own kids? I think sometimes people go smoke hash and then write random comments on people’s blogs. I know they do it on mine all the time- I had to turn moderation on our adoption blog because people are always posting links to viruses there!

LOL! that’s funny!
I once wrote to a pattern designer, because MY creation was NOT turning out as CUTE SQUEEE as her’s and I was like: PLZ tell me what I’m doin WRONG!!! I hope it didn’t hurt her feelings, because that was not my intent, mine just turned out sooo fugly and hers was soooo cute!!!
anyhoo, your troll is a funny mizspeler. heh.

Anytime anyone uses the term “Cuz” I just don’t even bother.

Is Himalayan a breed of cat? I’m not justifying your troll, just wondering if she was trying to make a Gumball cat and it “turned out” to be a Himalayan, when she thought it would look more like a Persian or Siamese?

In defence of Gumball I like the version I made and my mom was over the other day and noticed him and thought he was terrific. (So now I have an idea for a Mother’s Day gift!)

I also really like the pics of Gumball the third, I think she “turned out” quite well!

Amber, (who is still eagerly awaiting her first troll!)

I just found this post while searching for responses to hate mail from bloggers. I just got my first hate mail yesterday, and I must say that I’m a little flattered that someone took the time to attack me. Your hate mail above made me laugh out loud for several seconds.

My hater told me that my friends and I are what is wrong with American dating.

This is a great post!

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